Understanding Foundation Problems

foundation problems Kansas City MO, KSFoundation problems can result from soil-related problems such as:

  • Poor compaction
  • Weak bearing soils
  • Excessive organic materials
  • Expansive soils
  • Poor waterproofing

Poor compaction of soils can cause foundation settlement. Before a foundation can be constructed, hilltops are cut down and valleys are filled to create a buildable lot. When the fill soils are not properly compacted, it does not provide adequate support for the foundation, resulting in foundation problems.

When soils are simply not capable of supporting the weight of a building’s foundation, the footings will press or sink into the soft soils.

Excessive organic materials and expansive soils are a big problem for foundations. These types of soils will shrink and swell beneath your foundation depending upon the amount of moisture in the ground. The soil will heave and cause lifting of a foundation during periods of high moisture. During periods of low moisture, the soil will shrink resulting in foundation settlement. Either way, the damage can cause extensive damage to a foundation.

If you have poor drainage around your home, it can leave your home vulnerable to foundation problems. If the landscaping is not sloped away from the home and if there is an absence of gutters or downspouts, the soil around your foundation will cause damage to your foundation.

Look around your home for the signs of foundation problems. Some of these are:

  • Sloping and uneven floors
  • Wall cracks
  • Ceiling cracks
  • Garage foundation problems

Foundation Problems & Solutions

foundation problems Kansas CityPro Foundation Technology has several different foundation repair solutions, depending on the severity of the problem.  Some of our solutions are:

  • Helical anchors – Helical anchors are ideal for applications where there is a need to resist a tension or compressive force or both. They are installed deep into the ground through the unstable soil until they reach a suitable soil and the weight of the structure is transferred onto them.
  • Steel piers – Each pier is individually load tested and the installer verifies that the pier has reached a firm bearing stratum or rock suitable to support the load. High-pressure hydraulic jacks are installed at multiple locations and connected to a hydraulic manifold, reducing the load on each of the piers.
  • Helical tiebacks – Helical tiebacks are installed from the inside of the basement wall through a small hole. The bowing wall is pulled back to its original level and will be structurally sound for years to come.
  • New construction piers – To prevent foundation problems before they start, we can install new construction piers before your foundation is poured.

With the experience of our team and the best foundation repair products, your foundation will last for years to come. We serve Kansas and Missouri, including the cities of Raytown, Columbia, and Raytown.