Concrete Leveling

Concrete leveling and lifting Kansas City MOUneven concrete surfaces are very common in Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri. They can be seen everywhere, even in homes, businesses and public sidewalks. Concrete surfaces start off smooth and flawless, but over time they become cracked and uneven. There are several reasons why this occurs, but the most common are caused by ground movement. Pro Foundation Tech specializes in residential and commercial concrete leveling for concrete surfaces. We repair slabs, pools, sidewalks, foundations, steep, stoops, driveways, garage slabs, and other concrete surfaces. Repairing your existing slab is less expensive than replacing it.

At Pro Foundation Tech, our mission is to help you save time and money. That’s why we are the  concrete leveling specialist in the Kansas City area. Unleveled concrete surfaces are usually caused by the following conditions:

  • Tree roots: Tree roots can grow beneath the concrete surface. As they continue to grow, they push up the concrete surface. This causes an uneven or sunken concrete surface.
  • Soil erosion: Too much rainwater saturates the soil and surrounds the concrete surface. The soil erodes away and creates voids under the slab.
  • Freeze/thaw cycles: Fluctuating temperatures and moisture levels can lead to sinking concrete

Unleveled concrete surfaces can create many issues on your property such as:

  • Trip and fall hazard for pedestrians and family members
  • Unsightly appearance
  • Lowers the home’s value
  • Causes shifting and movement
  • Creates drainage and runoff problems
  • Makes shoveling and other yard work difficult
  • Causes pooling or standing water on property

If you notice cracking or unleveled concrete, contact our experts so we can inspect your concrete. We offer the best concrete leveling solutions for residents in the Kansas City area. We use the latest repair products by Earth Contact Products to get your concrete leveled back to its original position without replacing it.

Concrete Leveling Solutions

Concrete leveling is a process that involves injecting high-density polyurethane foam into the affected surface. A small 5/8″ hole is drilled into the concrete. The foam expands and moves beneath the concrete. As it expands, it fills in all the voids and gaps. The foam contours to the size and shape of the voids.

Polyurethane foam is commonly used for concrete leveling because it offers many advantages. Some of these benefits include:

  • Concrete Leveling Kansas CityQuick curing time
  • Same day use
  • No excavation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Seals cracks and joints
  • Fills in voids
  • Prevents settlement
  • Protects the structural integrity of the concrete
  • Doesn’t damage nearby structures
  • Prevents freeze/thaw conditions

We can also use mudjacking to repair uneven concrete surfaces. Mudjacking is a common leveling method that involves drilling holes into the concrete and filling it with grout. The concrete is lifted, supported and leveled back in place. The process only takes a couple of hours. There are several advantages to using mudjacking for concrete leveling. They include:

  • Cost effective
  • Grout can match the concrete surface
  • Quick, easy process
  • Grout strengthens the slab
  • Immediate use
  • Less mess
  • Water resistant

Increase the curb appeal of your business or home with concrete leveling services from Pro Foundation Tech. We proudly serve Missouri including the cities of Columbia, Springfield, and Marshall. The professionals at Pro Foundation Tech can give you a free, detailed estimate. Don’t let a unleveled concrete surface lower the value of your property. Give us a call today for all of your concrete leveling needs. We are your Kansas concrete contractor specialists!