Crawlspace Repair

In Kansas City, many homes are built on a crawlspace foundation. When foundations encounter moisture and water damage, they compromise the home’s structure. Homeowners may also notice mold growth on baseboards, wood rot, buckling upper-level floors, high electric bills, and condensation on ductwork and insulation. At Pro Foundation Technology, Inc, we can inspect your crawlspace and find the best solution to control moisture in your crawlspace. We’ll save you time and money so you don’t have to live with crawlspace problems.

What should you do as a homeowner? First, you need to find the source of crawlspace problems. The most common sources are caused by:

crawlspace repair Kansas City

  • Open crawlspace vents
  • Exposed dirt in crawlspaces
  • Heavy rainfalls and humidity
  • Expansive soils
  • Poor drainage
  • Improper grading
  • Plumbing leaks or broken pipes
  • Poorly compacted soil

The type of crawlspace foundation also has a huge impact on the condition of your crawlspace because some foundations absorb more water than others. Concrete block and stone wall foundations absorb the most water, creating mold growth and settlement issues.

If you’re not sure of the source of your crawlspace issue, our experts can inspect the perimeter of your home. Left unchecked, you may compromise the condition of your foundation.

We’ll Find the Best Crawlspace Repair Solution

All of our crawlspace solutions are designed to keep your crawlspace dry and moisture-free. Whether you have crawlspace mold or sloping floors, we’ll find the best crawlspace repair method for your situation. We provide the following services:

vapor barriers and crawlspace repair Kansas City

  • Crawlspace Encapsulation – This method involves the use of a vapor barrier which is a thick, water retardant liner. It helps prevent water vapor from entering your crawlspace from the foundation walls and floors.
  • Crawlspace Piers – Crawlspace foundation problems can show up as vertical cracks or stair-step cracks. While these issues may seem like an easy repair, they need to be handled by a professional. Our crawlspace piers can lift, close, and stabilize your sinking and settling foundation back to its original position.

If you need concrete repair in the Kansas City area, contact the experts at Pro Foundation Technology, Inc. today! We use the best products to fix the problem.