French Drain Systems

french drain systems Kansas City

French drain systems are a proven solution for removing excess water. A French drain used to be something as simple as a ditch filled with gravel, but it has evolved into more specialized systems with drain tiles that have perforations or holes to allow water to flow through. Gravel is placed around the drain tiles to make sure water has a path to flow through. Geo-textiles fabrics are used to enhance the filtration process. Once installed French drain systems can be covered by sod so you can’t even tell they are there. We offer two different types of French drain systems.

French Drain Solutions to Keep Excess Water Away

The first method is a rigid pipe design. This option uses a simple, rigid, perforated pipe that is surrounded by clean gravel. It is then covered with geotextile fabric. If a French drain is installed correctly with the rigid pipe method, it will decrease moisture and improve the overall air quality in your home. The second method is the ECP EZ Flow Poly Drain System. This system is the leading geosynthetic aggregate drain system. It can be used on interior and exterior foundation drainage, landscape drainage, retaining walls, crawlspaces, and many other applications. There are many benefits to this system:

EZ Flow ECP French Drain system Kansas City

  • Lightweight
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Gravel-free
  • Up to a 50% labor savings
  • 35% increase in water flow
  • Made of 100% recycled materials
  • NO gravel cleanup!

Contact us today; we’ll help decide if our rigid pipe system or the EZ Flow ECP Drain System is the right choice for you. We also install surface water drainage and water collection systems to keep water from collecting in your yard and around your foundation. We’ll assist you with all your drain needs. We serve the cities of Kansas City, Columbia, Raytown, Overland Park, and the surrounding area.