Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing in Kansas City, MO and KSIf you have water in your basement it could be a sign that you have a water drainage issue. If drainage problems are ignored, water will build up around your foundation. Let the professionals at Pro Foundation Technology, Inc. inspect your home and give you the solution that fits your needs. Homes with drainage problems and water build up around the foundation will show the following signs:

  • Gutters: Clogged gutters that are filled with leaves and debris could block the flow of water, destroy paint, rot wood and cause structural damage. Look for vertical streaks of soil or mud spots on the home. Also, make sure your gutters are properly sized and pitched to save money on costly repairs.
  • Downspouts: Homes without gutter extensions could dump gallons of water close to the foundation and end up into your basement. Make sure your gutter extensions flow water at least 5 feet away from the home. This would prevent basement water seepage and reduce hydrostatic pressure against the foundation walls.
  • Water stains: If water is coming from improper gutters or an inadequate slope, then water stains will be located high on foundation walls. An interior drainage system and a sump pump will eliminate basement water seepage to prevent water from accumulating around your foundation.
  • Foundation cracks: Some foundation cracks are harmless and others indicate potential problems. If they are larger than 1/8-inch wide and continue to grow, then hire a professional to assess your cracks. Drainage problems can cause cracks to widen over time so it is important to get them repaired immediately.
  • Deposits on walls: White deposits on walls are mineral deposits caused by evaporating water. It doesn’t lead to structural problems, but it is a telltale sign of high moisture levels. Check your gutters, soil grading, and downspouts to look for poor drainage issues.
  • Spalling: If water gets inside the masonry, the wall is spalling. If it is deeper than 1/2-inch, then it could indicate poor drainage around your foundation.
  • Mildew and mold: Surprisingly, your attic could suffer from drainage problems due to rising moisture from the basement or crawlspace. As a result, mildew and mold can grow on the underside of the roof. Fan vents on the roof could help reduce moisture levels.
  • Migrating mulch and soil: Poor drainage around your Kansas City home could cause runoff and carry mulch into the yard. As a result, cracks form in concrete surfaces.

Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Pro Foundation Technology, Inc. offers the latest basement waterproofing solutions for homes with water issues in the Kansas City, MO and KS areas. Our products include:

  • Interior Waterproofing: Interior waterproofing consists of a perforated drain pipe that is placed inside the perimeter of the footing. By installing a drain pipe beneath the slab, it drains the area to a lower level.
  • Exterior Waterproofing: Exterior waterproofing is designed to stop water from accumulating around and under the foundation where most water problems occur. This system uses a waterproofing membrane, drainage board, and 4″ perforated drain pipe to direct water away from the foundation and relieve pressure in the soil.
  • Exterior Waterproofing Surface Drainage/Water Collection: A surface drainage system is used to prevent stormwater drainage problems. Catch basins, channel drains, pop-up emitters, drainage piping, atrium grates, and dry wells are a few components that are used to collect excess rainwater and move it away from the foundation.
  • Sump Pumps and Pits: Our heavy-duty sump pumps expel water from around and under the foundation. Water is discharged away from the foundation to keep it dry. The sump pit is outfitted with a sump pump to help remove water from the pit to prevent overflow.
  • French Drain System: French drain systems are used to remove excess water. They contain drain tiles with perforations and gravel to allow water to flow through and enhance the filtration process.
  • Crawlspace encapsulation: This process involves installing a vapor barrier around the entire crawlspace. This vapor barrier is made of a water retardant material that will prevent moisture from entering the crawlspace

Our waterproofing products are made by Earth Contact Products, the leading manufacturer of basement waterproofing products. We provide free estimates and our contractors are available to answer any questions you have regarding your basement waterproofing needs. We serve Overland Park, Raytown, Columbia, and the rest of the Kansas City area. Contact us today to learn more about basement waterproofing for your home or business.