Waterproofing Q & A

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This page answers many frequently asked questions on waterproofing, how water can enter a basement, and our waterproofing solutions.

How does water get into a basement?

Moisture can creep through cracks in walls, floors, and gaps or cracks near windows.

How do you waterproof a basement?

There’s not a one-stop-shop approach to waterproofing every project we do. The solution we go with will ultimately depend on your unique situation. Check out our Common Waterproofing Solutions for more information.

How much does waterproofing a basement cost?

Waterproofing costs will vary per project and situation. For an in-depth look at costs associated with waterproofing your home, it is best to contact us to set up an inspection. After we’re able to assess your situation and understand where the problems are stemming from, we will put together a full waterproofing estimate for you, free of charge. We offer financing solutions as well.

How do you keep excess water away from a foundation?

We have a few solutions for making sure excess water stays away from your foundation. We can install a French Drain System, a Water Collection System, or Surface Water Drainage Solutions.

Do you install sump pumps?

Yes, we do! We also offer battery backup sump pumps as an option as well.

What are some signs of foundation water damage?

You can check out our page on Common Water Problems to learn more about the signs of water damage and what to look for.


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