Sheetrock and Mortar Problems

Sheetrock and Mortar Repair Kansas CityFoundation problems are a hassle for many homes, but they are often more prominent in older homes. The older your home becomes, the more wear and tear it suffers. Eventually, the foundation will probably begin to shift or settle, leading to many other problems throughout the home. No matter what condition your foundation is in, we can help restore its stability.

There are several signs that your foundation has begun to fail. One sign that can be seen on the interior of your home is a crack in the sheetrock. A crack in the sheetrock is usually caused by the stress on the foundation and often appear over doors or windows. If they become severe enough, they may make it difficult to open and close the doors and windows in your home. This is a sign that your foundation has begun to settle or sink, causing the house on top to shift and develop cracks.

Another sign that your foundation is experiencing some sort of failure is a crack in the mortar between the bricks on the exterior of your home. Cracks in the mortar can take several different forms: horizontal, vertical, stair-stepped, etc. stair-stepped or horizontal cracks could mean that the foundation is experiencing settlement, while vertical cracks often indicate a heaving foundation due to soil expansion. No matter what type of crack you find in your mortar, it could be a sign of dangerous foundation failure.

Solutions for Sheetrock and Mortar Cracks

sheetrock and mortar cracks Kansas CityPro Foundation Technology offers a variety of effective and affordable solutions for foundation repair. One of our most common solutions is a process called underpinning. In this process, we use the installation of steel piers to lift and stabilize the failing foundation and support where the soil has shifted or washed away. First, the piers are driven into the ground, deep beneath the shifting layers of soil and beneath any voids that may have formed underneath the foundation. Next, the weight of the structure is transferred onto the piers and they are used to support then foundation. The piers then work to lift the foundation to its original level. This brings the foundation back to its proper placement and hopefully seals any cracks that may have formed in the sheetrock or mortar.

We also offer crack injection services to further repair any wall cracks or foundation cracks. The polyurethane solution that we use is specially designed to seal the foundation walls while remaining flexible. Not only will our crack injection services seal your cracks to keep out water, dirt, and insects, but they will bind the two surfaces, restoring integrity and preventing further foundation problems in the future. If you are in need of foundation repair to fix your sheetrock and mortar problems, contact Pro Foundation Technology, Inc. today! We serve NE Kansas and Missouri including Kansas City, Overland Park, Raytown, Columbia, and more.