Damp Basement

Damp basement solutions Kansas City MOIf you have moisture in your basement, you know what a pain it can be. Whether your basement floods regularly, or is constantly damp and has a musty smell, water and basements are not a good combination. If your basement is not used as a living space, you may overlook any moisture problems that it has. However, the basement is an important part of your home, and any moisture issues that it has could lead to problems in other areas of your home.

Normally, damp basements are caused by water or water vapor seeping through the concrete walls of your basement. This can happen if there is water pooling around your foundation, or if there is an excess amount of groundwater in the soil around the basement. If water is pooling around the foundation of your home, it may eventually find its way inside through cracks in the foundation or foundation wall. This often leads to the slow seepage of water into your basement through cracks. If the ground around your home is very saturated with water, moisture may enter the basement by seeping through the porous concrete foundation walls. Not only does it lead to a wet basement, but it also weakens the foundation walls, leaving them more susceptible to bow or lean with pressure.

Damp Basement Solutions

To prevent water from entering your basement, it is important to have a good surface drainage system. This system, including the gutters, downspouts, and grading around your home. When all of Damp basement Kansas Citythese components work together properly, they will keep the water flowing away from your home and reduce pooling.

The next step is the exterior drainage and waterproofing system. This consists of the waterproof membrane on the exterior foundation walls, the drain boards attached to the foundation walls, and the drain pipes beneath the footings. This keeps water from getting too close to the foundation walls and drains excess groundwater away from the foundation.

The interior waterproofing system helps to remove and redirect water in your basement, keeping the humidity down and preventing mold growth. The parts of this system include the drain pipes, floor drain, sump pit, and sump pump. Water from the drain pipes collects in the sump pit, where it is then pumped out by the sump pump. Another useful interior waterproofing product is a vapor barrier. These are moisture resistant materials, such as plastic or foil sheeting, installed along the walls of a basement or crawlspace. The vapor barrier seals water out, preventing it from seeping through the concrete.

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