Water Seepage

Water seepage is one of the main causes for wet basements throughout the states of Kansas and Missouri. This can occur when cracks form in your basement walls or in your foundation. Sometimes, cracks in your walls or in your foundation are a sign of foundation problems. If your foundation is settling or sinking, it could put pressure on the foundation walls, or on the foundation walls. This often leads to the formation of wall cracks, which give water an entry point into your basement. Other times cracks are a direct result of water issues or poor drainage. If your surface drainage and exterior drainage systems do not do a good job of keeping water from pooling around your foundation, the water can seep into the ground around your foundation, creating increased hydrostatic pressure that pushes on the foundation. This pressure may build up until it is too much for the concrete to handle, and the foundation buckles, or cracks.

The signs of basement seepage are generally quite obvious: wet or damp basement, high humidity, mold or mildew growth, and wall cracks or foundation cracks. However the cracks develop, they are a serious problem and will only lead to further foundation and water issues. If you notice any cracks in your foundation or basement walls, it is important to have them repaired as soon as possible to prevent basement seepage.

Basement Seepage Solutions

After making sure that your exterior drainage systems are functioning properly, the best way to prevent basement seepage is to have any cracks in your walls and floor repaired. Pro Foundation Technology’s professional wall cracks injection services can do just that. We use a polyurethane foam to fill cracks and seal out water. When the foam is injected into the crack, it expands to fill the cracks completely, preventing future seepage. Our specially formulated ECP (Earth Contact Products) polyurethane resin offer many advantages for crack injection repair:basement seepage Kansas City MO, KS

  • Remains flexible to move with the concrete
  • Seals the foundation walls, binding the concrete together
  • Eliminates air leakage
  • Can be applied from the interior of the wall
  • Stops active water seepage
  • Reduces humidity levels and water vapor infiltration

Another way to prevent water seepage from causing further issues is to ensure that your interior drainage system works well. This system consists of the water channels, floor drains, sump pit, and sump pump. The water that seeps into your basement is collected by the water channels and dumped through the floor drain into the sump pit. There, the water is stored until there is enough to activate the sump pump, which pumps the water out and away from the foundation.

Pro Foundation Technology provides all of the necessary solutions to stop water seepage at its source and prevent it from compromising the safety and integrity of your home in the Overland Park, Kansas City, Columbia, and Raytown area.