Wall Problems

Wall problems Kansas City, MissouriWall problems, like cracks, are an obvious sign that your home needs foundation repair. One less obvious sign that your home requires foundation repair is a bowed, leaning, or rotating walls. These are important indicators that your foundation needs some serious repair. For this reason, you must have your home inspected regularly, as this will help you notice potential foundation issues right away. If you do notice that your ceiling has started to develop cracks, contact the foundation repair experts at Pro Foundation Technology immediately.

In most cases, bowing or leaning basement walls are caused by the varying moisture content in the soil around the foundation. When there is an excessive amount of rain or other precipitation, the soil around your foundation tends to absorb more water than usual, increasing the hydrostatic pressure. If this pressure becomes too large, it will push against the foundation walls, causing them to bow or lean inward. This pressure can also cause the foundation to settle and can lead to wall rotation as well. When this happens, it is important to have the problem fixed as soon as possible. If it is not repaired immediately, leaning or rotating basement walls can cause such problems as:

If you notice that your foundation walls are beginning to lean or rotate, contact a professional foundation repair contractor immediately. We have years of experience in foundation repair and offer quality services at affordable prices. We use ECP (Earth Contact Products) foundation repair products to ensure that your repairs are done the right way.

Leaning, Bowing, & Rotating Wall Solutions

The solution for bowed or leaning foundation walls is installing helical tiebacks. These are helical anchors that are screwed into the ground adjacent to the affected wall. They are installed through a small hole that is drilled on the inside of the wall and is later repaired and filled. Once the tiebacks are screwed into the ground, they provide the opposite lateral pressure needed to straighten and support the bowing wall. Because this process requires no exterior evacuation, it is a simple, yet effective solution to your foundation problems.

If your foundation walls are beginning to rotate or to lean inward, it is time for helical tieback installation services. We offer quality foundation repair services at an affordable price for homeowners located in northwestern Missouri and northeastern Kansas areas including Kansas City, and Columbia.