Sugar Creek, Missouri

In Sugar Creek, MO, the climate consists of humid, hot summers and cold winters. These fluctuating temperatures cause foundation issues in most homes, so it is important to inspect your foundation on a regular basis to look for signs of settlement. If you notice wall or floor cracks, contact Pro Foundation Technology as soon as possible.

Our Services in Sugar Creek, MO

Foundation Repair
foundation repair Sugar Creek MOFoundation failure can be caused by a number of soil-related and water issues. Some include:

  • Soil erosion: After heavy rains or storms, the soil washes away and creates voids under the foundation.
  • Soil shrinkage: Hot, dry weather conditions followed by saturated soil can cause soil shrinkage under the foundation. Also, maturing tree roots that are planted too close to the foundation can dehydrate the soil under the foundation.
  • Poor soil compaction: Improperly compacted soil before a home is built can lead to settlement issues under the foundation.
  • Hydrostatic pressure: When the soil absorbs too much water, the hydrostatic pressure increases in the soil. This pressure causes walls to bow and lean.

These conditions can lead to settlement over time. Look for the warning signs of foundation failure such as sloping floors, floor cracks, crumbling foundations, and garage foundation problems. If you notice any of these signs, give us call immediately before the problem gets worse. We offer foundation repair methods by Earth Contact Products. Our products include helical piers and steel piers to stabilize your sinking foundation. These piers are driven deep into the soil to reach more suitable soil, then the structure is lifted onto these piers to bring it back to its original level.

Basement Waterproofing
basement waterproofing Sugar Creek MissouriIf you have basement wall cracks, water could find its way into your home even through the smallest crack. This leads to flooded basements, causing water damage and expensive foundation repairs. That’s why it’s important to inspect your basement for signs of water damage. Some signs of water damage may include:

  • Condensation on pipes
  • Mold growth
  • Wet floors
  • Respiratory issues
  • Standing water in yard

Hire Pro Foundation Technology to inspect your home before foundation settlement occurs. We offer interior waterproofing, exterior waterproofing and sump pumps to prevent water from accumulating under and around your foundation. Our waterproofing products will increase the structural integrity of your home as well as keep it safe and dry for many years to come.

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