Stair and Stoop Problems

Stair Stoop Problems MissouriJust like a home foundation, concrete stairs are susceptible to sinking and  settlement. This usually happens when the soil on which they are built in front of the house is disturbed. Settlement is a common occurrence in the Kansas City and surrounding area due to the expandable clay soil that they sit on. This type of soil beneath your stairs will shift and change depending on the moisture content in the soil. During dry weather, the soil will dry out and cause it to contract. This lower ground level causes the foundation to sink. Another cause for  settlement is when older stairs and porches collapse due to cracks in the wood. When the older wood experiences wet then dry periods, the wood expands then contracts. In the wet period, the cracks become larger and allow water to enter. Then during the dry periods, the water seeps out. All of this causes the wood to become weak. The wood will no longer be able to hold the stairs in place, and the concrete will sink and settle into the soil.

Whether your stairs or stoop is sinking or pulling away from the home, it is important to have it repaired as soon as possible. If the stairs begin to pull away and crack or settle and become uneven, it will significantly lower the value of your home. In addition, settling or cracked stairs are dangerous to you, your family, and all who visit your home, as it can become unstable and difficult to walk on.

Stair and Stoop Repair

stoop and porch repair Kansas CityMost people assume that stairs and porches must be removed and rebuilt. The porch is often removed and rebuilt on top of the same soil, and it begins to sink and settle just as the old one did. The real solution to this problem is to use steel piers. Steel piers are not just for the underpinning of home foundations. They can also be used to raise a stair or stoop to its original level, returning curb appeal and functionality to the home.

For the repair of a stair or stoop, helical piers are usually used. These piers are screwed deep into the ground beneath the stair or stoop to provide extra support and stability. Then, once the weight is transferred onto them, the piers can be used to lift the structure to its original level. To make sure that your home receives the best quality, we use products from ECP (Earth Contact Products), the leading supplier of foundation repair products. There are many benefits to using ECP helical piers to repair your stairs, including:

  • Little disturbance to work site
  • Can be installed in any weather
  • Install below active soils

If your stairs are separating from the house or settling, contact Pro Foundation Technology, Inc. immediately. We fix stair and stoop problems in  Kansas City, Overland Park, Raytown, and the Columbia area.