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foundation repair St. Joseph, MO

Common Causes of Foundation Problems in Missouri

St. Joseph, MO experiences many different types of weather conditions including hot, dry summers and snowy, cold winters. These changing weather conditions can wreak havoc on the foundations of homes and businesses. St. Joseph, MO also has expansive soil which means that when it gets wet it will expand and when it is dry, it will shrink. This constant shifting of the soil also causes foundations to shift and move. If the ground beneath your foundation shrinks and creates voids, your foundation will sink into the voids causing foundation failure.

Foundation Repair

We use underpinning products such as helical piers and steel push piers to get the foundation back to its original level and make the foundation structurally strong again. These piers are installed deep into the soil through the unstable layers until they reach a more solid soil layer. Then the entire structure is lifted, hydraulically, onto the piers to lift and stabilize it. All of the foundation repair products we use are manufactured by ECP (Earth Contact Products), the leader in the manufacturing of foundation products in the industry. You can be reassured that with our experienced team at Pro Foundation Technology and with the best products, your foundation will be structurally sound for many years to come.

Additional Services in St. Joseph, Missouri

Basement Waterproofing

Our interior waterproofing includes a perforated drain pipe that is installed around the interior of the basement footings and is then connected to a sump pump system to drain the water away from the foundation. The ECP sump pumps we use are the most energy-efficient, highest performing and longest lasting sump pumps on the market today.

Exterior waterproofing is the best waterproofing because it will eliminate water from getting close to the foundation. If your St. Joseph, MO home has a crawlspace rather than a basement, we can repair a wet crawlspace with crawlspace encapsulation which uses the best vapor barrier available, manufactured by ECP, to keep moisture out of the crawlspace.

Concrete Leveling

concrete leveling in St. Joseph, MOWe also offer concrete leveling in St. Joseph, MO. We use the method, polyjacking, which involves injecting polyurethane foam into the affected concrete. This polyurethane foam expands and fills the voids beneath the concrete. This will get your concrete back to its original level.

For any of your foundation repair, basement waterproofing or concrete leveling needs in St. Joseph, MO, contact the experts at Pro Foundation Technology. We have the experience and take pride in our work and have established an outstanding reputation and we intend to keep it that way.