Riverside, MO

Foundation repair Riverside, MOLike much of the Midwest, Riverside, Missouri experiences four distinct seasons featuring humid summers, snowy winters, rainy springs, and fall. The constant variation in temperature and moisture content can wreak havoc on the area’s soil, which is predominantly composed of clay. Because clay is expansive soil, it expands or shrinks depending on the amount of precipitation. This is especially problematic since many homes and businesses are constructed atop clay soil. As time goes on and the soil repeatedly expands and contracts in accordance with the weather, the foundation above the soil will begin to sink or settle.

Foundation repair can be expensive and time-consuming if the damage is allowed to compound, so it is best to be proactive and take note of the various warning signs of foundation failure, such as foundation cracks and ceiling cracks.

Foundation Repair

While every foundation repair scenario is different, we usually correct foundation problems through the use of helical piers or steel push piers with helical tiebacks. Our products are manufactured by ECP (Earth Contact Products), the leading supplier in the industry, to guarantee high durability and functionality. We drive these piers deep underground into the most stable areas of soil, where they relieve any excess stress that has been causing the foundation to crack and simultaneously lift and stabilize the entire structure. Our experienced team, in combination with ECP’s top-quality piers and tiebacks, will ensure the safety and functionality of your Riverside home for years to come. We even offer crawlspace repairs for your home.

Our Additional Services for Riverside, Missouri

Basement Waterproofing

basement waterproofing Riverside, MissouriSeasonal flooding is not uncommon in Riverside and the rest of the state, so residents are often accustomed to sandbagging rivers or driving around concrete damaged by standing water. For the majority of households, the basement is the area most susceptible to water infiltration. Even the tiniest cracks or fractures in the wall can be entrance points for unwanted moisture, and if your gutter is improperly positioned, it could be allowing rainwater to pool around your foundation and seep into the basement.

We can determine the source of the water in your basement and generate a solution. We offer both interior and exterior waterproofing systems as well as sump pits, energy-efficient sump pumps, and crawlspace encapsulation. These systems rely on a combination of water channels, drain pipes, vapor barriers, drainage boards, waterproofing membranes, and more to ensure the dryness of your basement.

Concrete Repair

Another service we offer is concrete repair, including concrete leveling and lifting. We are the area leaders in a process called polyjacking. We use a polyurethane foam injected beneath sunken concrete to lift and level it. To learn more about this process or to get a free estimate please contact us.

For over thirty years, we have been meeting the waterproofing and foundation repair needs of residents in Missouri and NE Kansas.