Oak Grove, Missouri

Oak Grove, Missouri soil is abundant with clay, a variety of soil that is sensitive to variations in temperature and moisture content. If the soil is devoid of water in dry times or faced with an influx during flood season, it will shrink or swell accordingly. When this occurs habitually, the soil will shift as time goes on, bringing with it the foundation above.

If your home was constructed atop clay or any other improperly compacted soil, it is difficult to tell if or when your foundation will incur damage. You can, however, be proactive and pay close attention to these indicators of foundation failure:

  • Uneven or sloping floors
  • Stair and stoop problems
  • Garage or foundation sinking

Foundation Repair

Our team of dedicated professionals is happy to inspect your foundation free of charge and work with you to determine the best plan of action suited to your needs and budget. For over thirty years we have proudly served Missouri and NE Kansas, gaining the experience and knowledge necessary to offer the best repairs possible.

While we can implement a variety of foundation repair solutions, our most common fix involves installing ECP-manufactured helical piers or steel push piers. These highly durable piers are driven deep into the stable ground where they provide support and stability to the damaged foundation, simultaneously lifting it back to its original level.

Other Services in Oak Grove, MO

Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing Oak Grove, MOFlooding is a common seasonal occurrence in Missouri, and many Oak Grove residents have witnessed the related damage inflicted on fields, sidewalks, and roads. What these same residents may not realize, however, is the degree of disruption that water can cause when it infiltrates a basement. If neglected, what was originally a routine leak can compound into thousands of dollars of damage that can be difficult to reverse.

Our waterproofing specialists provide both interior and exterior waterproofing, as well as crawlspace encapsulation options to ensure the total dryness of your home. Our professionally installed systems, including energy-efficient sump pumps, will keep your basement dry and functional for posterity.

Concrete Repair

Polyjacking is a way to lift and level concrete with polyurethane foam. This foam is injected beneath concrete slabs to lift them and level them permanently. We have been using this technique longer than almost anyone in the industry. For cracked, settling concrete, contact PFT to see if polyjacking is the right solution for your Oak Grove home.

Call today for more information on how we can best restore and protect your foundation in the Oak Grove, MO area.