Mudjacking Kansas CityConcrete surfaces and their underlying foundation deteriorate over time. This deterioration creates a void, causing the concrete to sink or become unlevel and unstable. The deterioration happens due to a variety of reasons including soil erosion, poor soil preparation, and soil movement. The foundation sinks because the soil cannot support it any longer. Mudjacking is a technique that fills a void created under foundations. Mudjacking is a more efficient alternative to replacing concrete.  Mudjacking lifts the sunken concrete by pumping grout through the concrete, lifting the concrete back to its original level. This is done by strategically drilling a hole through the cement and pumping the grout through these holes and into the voids. View our website for more information.

Mudjacking can be used for a variety of problem areas including:

  • Cracked pool decks
  • Uneven sidewalks
  • Misaligned slabs
  • Uneven home slabs
  • Sunken driveways
  • Sunken patios

Benefits of Mudjacking

Mudjacking concrete stairs Kansas CityPro Foundation Technology has the experience and products needed to get your concrete leveling done with a cost-effective technique using mudjacking and have it ready to be used within hours. There is no need to disturb landscaping making the whole process quick and clean.

Pro Foundation Technology also offers a great alternative to mudjacking. We offer polyjacking which uses a polyurethane foam to inject into the voids to lift and level the concrete. Polyurethane foam has a fast curing time which allows the concrete to be used immediately after the repair is completed. It is lighter weight than mudjacking and it expands over 20 times its liquid volume to completely fill the voids.

Polyjacking is installed by drilling a small 5/8″ hole into the concrete and injecting the polyurethane foam. Because Pro Foundation Technology offers both mudjacking and polyjacking, you have more concrete repair options than other companies that offer concrete leveling.

Mudjacking concrete pools Kansas City

Pro Foundation Technology uses Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to detect where the underground voids are. GPR is fast, accurate and inexpensive. This will give an accurate location as to where the voids are and locate objects embedded in the concrete.

If you are in need of concrete leveling in the Kansas City, Jefferson City or Columbia area, call the experts at Pro Foundation Technology. We are family owned and have been serving Missouri and Eastern Kansas, since 1978.  We operate on a low overhead which allows us to offer competitive rates. All of our work includes a “no hassle” transferable warranty. We are licensed and insured in Kansas and Missouri. We also offer a 12 month, no interest, no payment financing program.