Leawood, Kansas

Leawood gets moderate amounts of precipitation year-round, causing many citizens to experience problems with their foundations and basements. Some foundation problems can go unnoticed for quite some time, but everybody notices when they get water in their basements. These problems are a sign of foundation failure, which should be addressed quickly.
Foundation repair Leawood Kansas

Foundation Repair

How do you know if your home has a failing foundation? There are many simple signs that can indicate a need for foundation repair in Leawood. Some of these problems are often overlooked as small and unimportant. However, the small signs that plague your home, such as wall cracks and sticking doors or windows, and the underlying issues with your foundation must be resolved to fix the surface problems.

Cracks can easily be fixed with our crack injections. But to fix the root of the problem, we must lift and stabilize your foundation. For this, we can use a number of products, such as helical or steel piers. These piers will immediately help support the weight of your home and prevent future sinking. This will correct many of your foundation problems, such as sticking doors and windows. We can install helical tiebacks and anchors to correct leaning and bowing walls and prevent excess weight on them in the future.

Our polyjacking services can fill any voids beneath concrete in your home to provide a more stable platform for your foundation, garage, or patio to rest on.

Our Other Services for Leawood, KS

Basement Waterproofing

basement waterproofing Leawood KansasWaterproofing problems are usually much easier to spot, such as standing  water in your basement or crawlspace, water dripping from cracks in the wall,  or excess moisture or humidity in your crawlspace. Having too much moisture in your basement provides a great environment for mold and mildew growth, both of which can cause breathing problems in young children and the elderly. Water may appear after heavy rains, increased temperatures that cause snow to melt, or on any normal day.

For your basement waterproofing needs, we can assess your home and discuss the most useful options for your specific case. Many homeowners opt simply for a sump pump installation, while others prefer a complete waterproofing system that will keep water from ever reaching the inside of their home.

If you would like more information on basement waterproofing, foundation repair, and concrete leveling in the Leawood, Kansas, contact Pro Foundation Technology today.