Leaky Basement

Leaky basements are a major concern for homeowners throughout the states of Kansas and Missouri. When there is water in your basement, it can cause damage to personal possessions that are stored there, and can also lead to ugly water stains on the walls and floor. If there are cracks in your basement walls, or in your foundation, they could be contributing to your leaky basement. These cracks are probably a result of other foundation problems, such as shifting or settlement.  A leaky basement could also be the result of poor drainage. If your gutters do not work  properly, or if the ground around your foundation is not properly sloped, it may allow water to pool around your foundation. This can lead to water seepage and a leaky basement.

Whether it is caused by foundation problems or other issues, a leaky basement is an annoying issue that can become more severe over time and should be fixed as soon as possible. It is important to have your foundation examined regularly to catch issues as soon as they arise.

Solutions for Your Leaky Basement

leaky basement Kansas CityIf your basement leaks are caused by foundation problems, the best solution is to invest in foundation underpinning. This is a process in which foundation settlement is corrected by using steel piers or helical piers to lift and stabilize the foundation. Underpinning can get your foundation back to its normal level, closing any cracks that may have formed as a result of the settlement.

Sometimes, however, cracks form in your basement walls due to age, or other factors that have nothing to do with foundation repair. In this case, it is best to have them repaired with our crack injection services. We use a polyurethane foam resin to fill the cracks and seal the concrete back together. This durable material expands as it is injected into the cracks, filling it effectively and preventing water leakage.

Other waterproofing methods include surface drainage, exterior waterproofing, and interior waterproofing. Surface drainage systems are your first defense against a leaky basement. They will keep water from pooling around your foundation, where it is more likely to find its way into your basement. Having a good exterior drainage system will also help re-route water away from your foundation to keep your basement from developing leaks. If water does find its way into your basement, it is essential to have a properly functioning interior drainage system. This system will collect water from basement leaks and pump it out of the basement and away from your home. We use products from Earth Contact Products that are proven as the best.

For all of your waterproofing needs, contact Pro Foundations Technology, Inc. We are the experts on leaky basements in NE Kansas and Missouri including in the cities of Kansas City, Raytown, Overland Park, and Columbia.