Grain Valley, Missouri

Cracked walls and foundation settlement can be a big concern, as well as tilting chimneys and sticking doors. Any bowing or cracking in the interior or exterior of your home can be an indicator that your foundation requires repair. Foundation damage is caused by shifting and fluctuating soil underneath and around your home. With the dry summers and wet, snowy winters we can get in Grain Valley, MO, the soil is especially inconsistent and always expanding with moisture and shrinking in the heat. Other conditions that affect expansive soil are drought-like conditions, heavy rains, and dehydrated tree roots near foundations.

At the first signs of foundation problems, contact Pro Foundation Technology, Inc. We will inspect your entire home and see if you need our services.

Our Services for Grain Valley, MO

Foundation Repair

We use underpinning products manufactured by Earth Contact Products (ECP), the best in the industry. These products include helical piers and steel push piers. These piers are driven deep into the soil through the unstable soil until they reach a strong soil or bedrock.

Helical piers are made up of steel shafts that are used to stabilize structures in weak soil. When driven deep into the ground, steel push piers find better soil that will be healthy for your foundation. Another piece of equipment that we use is helical tiebacks. These help to relieve the pressure against your walls by straightening them.

Basement Waterproofing
Basement Waterproofing Eudora, KSIf your basement has experienced any water damage, we can install a waterproofing system to protect your home.

We offer different kinds of waterproofing systems including:

  • Interior waterproofing
  • Exterior waterproofing
  • Surface drainage
  • Sump pumps and pits
  • French drain system

Concrete Repair 

Due to the extreme climate changes that we experience in Grain Valley, MO, the soil underneath the concrete on your property will tend to shrink and expand drastically throughout the seasons. This can cause your concrete to shift, crack, or sink. Replacing concrete can be a hefty investment, and we are here to offer you a better solution. We provide the latest concrete repair technology that levels your concrete without having to replace it. This method is called polyjacking, which consists of injecting a high-density foam called polyurethane into your concrete through a small drilled hole. The polyurethane fills every crack under the slab and lifts the concrete back to its original level.

If you notice cracks or any other problems in Grain Valley, MO, don’t hesitate to call Pro Foundation Technology today.