Foundation Seepage

Often foundation seepage occurs when pooling water that has gathered around your home sits in contact with the foundation for extended periods of time. If this is the case, the water can eventually seep through the concrete itself or through cracks that may be present. Not only does this allow water to enter the basement or other areas of the home, but it also weakens the concrete of the foundation itself, causing it to crumble, chip, crack, fall away, and become stained.

Foundation Seepage Kansas CityProblems that you may see that indicate foundation seepage in your home often include:

  • Crumbling Foundation
  • Gaps and Spaces
  • Floor or Wall Cracks
  • Water Pooling in Yard
  • Mold or Mildew Growth

While these problems can be the result of foundation seepage, some of them, such as cracks in the walls or floor and gaps and spaces in your home, can make the problem even worse. If you find any signs of foundation seepage, have your foundation fixed immediately.

Foundation Seepage Solutions

To prevent foundation seepage, you may want to invest in foundation repair solutions such as piering or helical tieback installation. Supporting sinking or settling foundations with piers can help to prevent cracks from forming and letting water seep into and through your foundation. Seepage and crack formation can also be prevented by installing helical piers to pull foundation walls back to the proper position.

The best way to fix foundation seepage, however, is to concentrate on removing puddles of water from your yard and near your foundation. This can be done using a couple of different water management techniques:

  • Surface Drainage: This water collection system is designed to prevent water from collecting around your foundation and pooling in your yard. The main parts of the surface drainage system are the gutter, which collects rainwater; the downspouts, which are connected to the gutter and carry rainwater away from the home; and the grading around the home, which is the slope of the landscaping around your home that helps drain water away.
  • Exterior Waterproofing: This is used to keep groundwater from seeping through the foundation walls. It consists of a waterproof membrane on the outside of the foundation, a drainage board on top of that to help water run down the foundation wall, and a drainage pipe at the bottom to catch water and carry it away.

These are just a few of the solutions that we can provide to keep foundation seepage from causing issues in your home. For more information, call us today.