Foundation Repair in Kansas

Pro Foundation Technology, Inc. is proud to serve areas in northeastern Kansas, including Kansas City, Overland Park, and the surrounding area. We repair settling foundations, wet basements, uneven surface cracks, and crawlspace issues. With our professional installers and engineers that have almost 30 years of experience, you won’t find another team more qualified for all your commercial and residential repair needs in Kansas.

Because clay soil is prominent in this area, Kansas is not immune to foundation problems. When water saturates the soil around the foundation, it creates pressure against the foundation walls. This causes bowing/leaning walls, and settlement throughout the home. If left untreated, foundation failure can occur. Settlement can also affect concrete surfaces, such as patios, sidewalks, parking lots, walkways, and more.

Saturated soils aren’t the only culprit. Foundation failure can also occur from drought-like conditions. The soil will shrink away from the foundation, leaving gaps and voids under the foundation. This causes the soil to become weak, and no longer support the foundation.

If you need a professional to inspect your property, look no further. Pro Foundation Technology, Inc. provides top of the line services and products so we can help protect your investment in Kansas.

Our Services in the State of Kansas

foundation repair ksFoundation Repair
Misaligned windows/doors, slab cracks, and bowing walls are just a few signs that spell foundation trouble. Simple home maintenance tips, such as cleaning gutters and creating ground slopes, may not be enough to prevent future settlement. This is why you need to contact our experts so we can find the root of the problem. We’ll use the right products according to your situation and stabilize the foundation back to normal.

Basement Waterproofing
Water damage is usually caused by prolonged exposure to water. If you have standing or pooling water in your basement, your home may experience wood rot and bowing/leaning walls. We can install a waterproofing system, such as a sump pump, French drain, surface drainage or an interior/exterior waterproofing system to keep water away from your foundation.

Concrete Repair
In Kansas, concrete tends to shrink and expand due to the fluctuating weather patterns. As a result, the concrete may shrink, expand or sink. Concrete replacement may be an option, but there are cheaper and more effective alternatives such as polyjacking. Polyjacking uses high-density polyurethane to lift and restore settling concrete back to normal.

If you need foundation repair or basement waterproofing service, we serve the following cities in northeastern Kansas: