Foundation Crumbling, Chipping, & Flaking

Foundation Crumbling, Chipping Kansas City MONot only are cracks and chips in your foundation unsightly, but they can also lead to further foundation failure. If left alone too long, repairs will be much more costly. If you see your foundation crumbling, it is important to inspect the entire foundation and look for the common signs of foundation failure throughout the home. You should regularly inspect your foundation for cracks and other signs of foundation issues. The experts at Pro Foundation Technology, Inc. provide foundation repair services to keep your home in top condition. A crumbling foundation may also be a sign that you are experiencing water issues. Water is infamous for weakening concrete; it could affect the structural integrity of your home.

Solutions for Your Crumbling Foundation

crumbling foundation Kansas CityIf the concrete is deteriorating, replacing it can be a hassle. That is why it is important to have the foundation examined by an expert before taking action. Small cracks and fractures can normally be filled using crack injection methods. Sealing the cracks will leave the area secure and will lock out water and pests. Of course, if the foundation is failing in other areas, it may require other solutions, such as steel push pier or helical pier installation.

If your foundation has started to crumble, contact Pro Foundation Technology, Inc. immediately. We can help with all of your foundation repair needs. We serve Missouri and NE Kansas including the cities of Kansas City, Jefferson City, and Columbia.