Foundation Cracks

Missouri Foundation CracksFoundation cracks are a serious issue for many homeowners. It is important to know the signs of foundation failure before they become serious. A crack in your home’s foundation could indicate that your home is in need of some foundation repair services. If you discover cracks in your foundation, consider investing in foundation repair in Kansas City from Pro Foundation Technology, Inc. Our professional repair team will come up with a solution to repair your cracked foundation.

Cracks are not only unsightly, but they can also be a structural issue. Whenever a crack forms in your foundation, it weakens the concrete considerably. Even hairline cracks can pose a threat, as they will eventually widen over time, and they provide an entry point for water or pest; termites can slip through a crack that is only 1/64 inch wide. Fortunately, in most cases, only larger cracks indicate structural issues. If you find wide cracks in your foundation, larger than 1/16 inch, you should contact a foundation repair specialist immediately. Only a trained professional has the necessary skills and tools to safely and effectively repair serious foundation cracks.

Foundation Cracks Solutions

steel push pier and foundation cracksThere are many different factors that can cause cracks. The most common cause of foundation cracks is the movement of the soil beneath the foundation. If the soil that is supporting the foundation shifts significantly, it could take the foundation along with it. Because the foundation is no longer level and even, it begins to crack. Such movement of the soil is often the result of varying moisture conditions. If the soil dries out due to drought-like conditions, for example, it will shrink and shift. Erosion can also displace soil and lead to foundation cracks. Another common cause of cracked foundations is pressure from moisture in the soil. This happens when the soil absorbs more water than normal, increasing the hydrostatic pressure. If this pressure becomes too great, it will push against the foundation, causing cracks throughout the surface.

If you do have foundation cracks, however, Pro Foundation Technology can provide you with quality solutions to get your foundation back to normal. Depending on the cause and severity of the crack, the repair may require foundation underpinning. This is a process that is used to stabilize weak or uneven foundations. A supporting pier, such as a steel push pier or helical pier is driven into the ground beneath the foundation. Then, the weight of the foundation can be shifted onto the pier so that it can be used to support and strengthen the foundation. Once this is done, the crack can be filled and sealed so that no water is allowed to enter.

If you find foundation cracks in your home, do not hesitate to contact the experts at Pro Foundation Technology, Inc. We serve many cities in the Kansas and Missouri area including Kansas City, Overland Park, Raytown, and Columbia.